Month: April 2016

Using Your Camera To Manipulate Size

Size manipulation plays a crucial role in all types of filming, it can be used to make a character appear powerful or weak. One example of size manipulation can be seen in a clip from Jurassic park. If you watch the clip below note how the camera gives a close up of Jeff Goldblums face, […]

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Shortcut To Creating The Cinematic Look For Your Film and Video Work

Creating the cinematic style for your films and video Want to create that cinematic look for your films or video work, here are some great tips for you. Get the right Composition If you are new to film and video then you may not even know what composition means, essentially it means the positioning of […]

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Editing Tips – Part One Of Many !

Editing is an art and you need as many tips as well as real time practice to master it. I have to say one MUST READ book is In the Blink Of an Eye By Walter Murch – You can see reviews of this book at Murch takes you on an enjoyable essay of editing, […]

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Using a cheaper camera for filming

Do I Really Need An Expensive Camera To Make Films

  When filming what can you do to make the shot easier (and require a less expensive camera). Lighting and location Choosing the right location for the shot will put less emphasise on the film quality, however, using good lighting set up in the right positions will further enhance the shot, regardless of the camera […]

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Do You need to go to film school

Do You Need To Go To Film School

How To Learn Filmmaking Without Going to College or University Getting a formal education as advantages, you will typically get a systematic process for filming, a regime if you will, but sometimes it’s beneficial to teach yourself, there are plenty sources to this, youtube being a very big one. So let’s look into how you […]

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