Using a cheaper camera for filming

Do I Really Need An Expensive Camera To Make Films


When filming what can you do to make the shot easier (and require a less expensive camera).

Lighting and location

Choosing the right location for the shot will put less emphasise on the film quality, however, using good lighting set up in the right positions will further enhance the shot, regardless of the camera being used.
By setting up your lighting properly you can control the brightness, colour and direction of light, all these factors combined can only assist a cheaper cameras effectiveness which help bridge the gap between a cheaper camera and an expensive one.

Focus On The Scene

By properly preparing the scene we are not only enhancing the shot itself, we are actually also making it easier to get a great shot regardless of the camera used. If you don’t prepare the scene itself, not even an expensive camera can really make it look good.


Audio is best recorded independently, set up a mic on a boom pole and use an audio recorder, ensuring your levels are set correctly, the audio can be added to the film during the editing process. Poor audio is more noticable than poor video quality.

It’s Not All About The Camera

Your film needs to have a direction, randomly pieced clips put together in your editing suite will look no better regardless of the cost of your equipment.


If you plan your shot, ensuring all the points mentioned above are put into play, lighting, scene set up etc you are putting less emphasis on the camera quality. If your scene is not lit up properly for example the bridge between the cheaper camera and the expensive camera
becomes bigger, of course it will because the expensive camera just cannot do as much to automatically correct poor lighting or scene set up.

You Are Compensating For The Difference In Quality

The above steps are essentially helping compensate the cheaper camera to produce better results, a cheaper camera will not take too kindly to poor lighting, nor should it. If you look at the steps above, they are actually steps you need to be carrying out anyway.
The most important thing above filmmaking is making films, with whatever you can use at the time. In fact using a cheaper camera to start with is very likely to get you into some good habits such as ensuring your lighting is correct for the scene and the scene is well organised.

So get going and make some films !

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